Listening Test ทดสอบทักษะการฟัง

Anna: Hello! I have great news. 

My best friend from my hometown is coming here -- to Washington, D.C.! 

I can’t wait to catch up with her! 

Oh! _________1.___________ Her train arrives in 10 minutes!

Anna: Penelope!

Penelope: Anna! I am really ________2.________ to see you!

Anna: Me too! How was your _______3.________?

Penelope: It was fine.

Anna: Let me help you with your _________4.___________.

Penelope: I’m really ________5.__________to be in Washington, D.C.! 

I can’t wait to hear about … everything!

Anna: I have so much to tell you. Let’s go to my ________6.__________.

We can talk over a hot cup of tea.

Penelope: I love your apartment building, Anna. Is your rent _________7.__________?

Anna: Well, I have a roommate. So, we split the rent.

Penelope: Oh, that’s right. Is your roommate _________8.__________?

Anna: Marsha is the nicest person I know in this _______9.________. 

Sometimes she worries too much. And she says I’m the messiest _______10._______ she knows. 

But we are great roommates.

Penelope: So, Anna, is it hard to make friends in D.C.?

Anna: At first it was hard. But now, Marsha is a good friend. And there’s Pete.

Of all the people I know in D.C., Pete is the most ______11._________ and also the silliest.

Penelope: He ______12.__________   ______13.___________.

Anna: Jonathan and Ashley are two other good friends of mine.

In the city, they are the _____14.______ people I know. 

They always help me when I need it.

Penelope: Your friends sound great! So, tell me about your job.

Anna: I love my work! I make a ______15._______ show 

called the “Time Traveling Treehouse.”

Penelope: Anna, that is the best job for you! 

Do you remember when we were little? 

We played in that old treehouse behind my ______16._______ house for hours!

Anna: I forgot about that! We thought it really time traveled! 

Penelope, it is really good to talk to you. New friends are good. 

But old friends are the _______17.________.

Penelope: I know. Our hometown isn’t the same now. You are not there.

Anna: No crying. Why don't you move here and live with me and Marsha?

Penelope: Anna, I can’t leave our hometown. You forget -- I love my job, too.

Anna: I didn’t forget. You are the most _______18._______ turkey farmer I know!

Penelope: Thanks, Anna.

Anna: Come on. Let’s go eat dinner at one of D.C.’s most famous ______19._______.

Penelope: Awesome!

Anna: That’s the restaurant, Penelope. I’ll be right there.

Anna: I have a great apartment. I love my work. 

And I have awesome friends -- both old and new.

I am the _____20.______ woman in Washington, D.C.

Anna: Until next time?


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